Dermal Filler Injectables

What are Dermal Fillers?


Dermal fillers are injectable gels that help restore volume & fullness in the face, caused by the ageing process. Most dermal fillers used today are non-permanent fillers. aka. Temporary fillers. Derived from a sugar molecule that is naturally present in the second layer of our skin (dermis), filler adds volume to the skin by attracting water to the area where it is injected. They can be used to augment cheeks, enhance the lips, diminish fine lines and wrinkles such smoker’s lines and Nasolabial folds.


There are different types of dermal fillers available: they differ in chemical make-up, longevity and varying degree of softness. Depending on the areas being treated, softer fillers are often used in the lips vs. sturdier fillers are often used to enhance cheekbones. Your doctor will help determine with you the best type of dermal filler needed for your area of concern.


Often confused with anti-wrinkle injection as they produce similar results (i.e. younger youthful appearance) but in fact, both treatments work differently! Anti-wrinkle injections (Relaxes the -muscles – smooths out lines and wrinkles) vs. Dermal Fillers (Restores volume -fills out the depleted facial features & help stimulate collagen growth).



What does the treatment involve?


Prior to your treatment, you will need a thorough medical consultation with our physician. We will take pre-treatment photos, determine the areas and extent of treatment & discuss your objectives with you, to ensure you are suitable for it.


We usually use topical anaesthetic cream or injections (i.e. local anaesthetic incorporated into the dermal filler product), allowing for a more comfortable procedure during the treatment.


The treatment usually takes 30-40minutes (depending on area treated). Some patient may experience mild stinging or burning as the product is injected, but any discomfort should be minimal/mild due to the anaesthetic. Injection sites will be massaged to promote even integration of the product into the tissue.


After injection of the dermal filler, we will apply ice to the treated area – the area may remain slightly swollen or red throughout the day. The treated area may increase in swelling for 24hrs, but rest assured over next 48-72hrs, the swelling will reduce. Common side effects can include redness, swelling, tenderness and bruising at the injection site for a few days, may occur for up to a week after treatment.  At Beau Aesthetics, we encourage all clients to return for their complimentary follow up appointment after 2 weeks.



What kind of results can I expect?


The dermal filler procedure, creates instant, noticeable effects that generally can last 6-12 months* (i.e. dependent on product & site injected). As a guide, more active areas such as lips will break down the product at a quicker rate, whereas less active areas, such as the cheeks, last longer.


  • Tip: It is best to plan your injection at least 4 weeks before a big event


The most common treatment areas are:


Dermal fillers for cheek enhancement
The cheeks can be non-surgically enhanced using dermal fillers. Cheek volumizing is one of the most popular uses for dermal fillers – it counteracts the droopy appearance of our cheeks as we age. Cheek filler is also used to create a lift that reduces the lines known as nasolabial folds, which run between the nose to the corner of the mouth

Dermal Fillers for Lip Enhancement

Used to add shape and volume to the body of the lip & helps address the signs of ageing (i.e. lips that have become thinner with age). Also gaining popularity in younger clients who have naturally thinner lips.  Done subtly, lip augmentation is a very effective procedure.


Other Areas treated: Nasolabial folds, Tear Troughs


Dermal Fillers play a major role in rejuvenating and reshaping the face without having to undergo surgery. It is relatively simple and minimally invasive with minimal downtime. The cost varies on the doctor, the region, and the extent of the treatment. For more information on Dermal filler injectables or to find out if this treatment is right for you, call Beau Aesthetics at 07 3805 1918 to book for a consultation. We are located at Waterford Plaza, Waterford West.


Cost: Dependent on Treatment Area
(For Details of Pricing: Enquire Within)


Areas We Can Treat:

-Nasolabial Lines
-Marionette Lines
-Chin Filler
-Cheek Filler
-Hand Filler



Disclaimer: Do not use this website as a substitute for medical advice/self-diagnosis. Seek the advice of a medical practitioner over a consultation. * Results varies with individuals