Pellefirm: RadioFrequency for Cellulite Reduction

What is PelleFirmTM?


PelleFirm™ is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for the body that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite in stubborn areas. The procedure uses pain-free radiofrequency technology to help create a smoother, firmer appearance. It can help smooth and tighten skin on nearly any area of the body, temporarily improving the dimpled appearance of cellulite as well as skin firmness, tone and contour.


PelleFirm™ is powered by the Pelleve S5 RF Generator, which also powers the Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction Handpieces for Facial Skin Tightening. PelleFirm™ can address almost any area in the body, ideal for problem areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks. It provides a non-invasive and pain-free treatment for multiple areas of the body -resulting in smoother & tighter skin*


Like Pelleve, a PelleFirm™ RF Body Treatment system is effective, delivering results with no pain and no downtime.



What does the Treatment Involve?


Similar to the Pelleve treatment, PelleFirm™ uses a handheld device to elevate tissue temperature – the body’s response is one of collagen tightening & new collagen production.  This device uses a larger handpiece (i.e. to cover a larger surface area), coupled with mechanical massage heads which helps to improve the lymphatic system that causes cellulite. It does not require any anaesthesia or downtime. Each treatment takes approximately 30-40minutes (depending on area treated). We recommend that for optimal results a series of 4-6 sessions – every fortnight, to see visible smoothing and tightening effects.



What kind of Results do I Expect?


PelleFirm™ is not a “one-time” procedure – it doesn’t require aggressive levels of energy. Therefore, it is virtually painless (i.e. it feels like a nice warm massage) and requires no special preparation, after-care or downtime. This is safe and effective for anyone who wish to address cellulite and enjoy tighter skin. Ideal for those with mild to moderate skin laxity and cellulite.

PelleFirm™ is a great treatment for those who would simply like to look their best, whether it is in preparation for bikini season or those who wants to get in shape for vacation.


Single Treatment: $450
Package Pricing Available


For more information on PelleFirm Treatments or to find out if this treatment is right for you, call Beau Aesthetics at 07 3805 1918 to book for a consultation. We are located at Waterford Plaza, Waterford west.


Disclaimer: Do not use this website as a substitute for medical advice/self-diagnosis. Seek the advice of a medical practitioner over a consultation. * Results varies with individuals